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Studying abroad offers great opportunities to open up to the world and live a unique experience.

Why should you go and what are the benefits?
– Master a foreign language, pass a recognized language exam
– Obtain an international diploma
– Enrich and enhance your resume
– Gain maturity and emancipation
– Discover new ways to teach and learn
– Creating opportunities for the future
– Discover another culture
– Live an exceptional adventure

If it’s an unforgettable journey, it’s also an engaging choice that needs to be well thought out. It is why it is essential to prepare it in advance to make it a success.

How and where to start?

Catch-Up Education’s services and programs include everything that will make your dream of studying abroad an international opportunity:

Free and personalized support to help you with your study abroad project.

To develop your study project, we offer free counselling sessions during which we:

– Get to know your wishes and choice of studies, but also your destination.
– Discuss your objectives (professional, life, short, medium, long term).
– Consider the possible constraints of different natures (time, deadline, budget, level of studies and language).

Choice of studies and destination

  • Assessment of your language proficiency. We evaluate your language level to ensure your admission to the selected school or university. If the required level is not already acquired then we will provide you with a program to upgrade your language skills in the destination country through language courses.
  • The guarantee that you will be enrolled in the course, program or degree of your choice on time. Indeed, it is very important to know the educational system of the country you will be leaving for, as well as its school and university calendar. It is very important to submit your application within the required time frame.
  • The opportunity to obtain a scholarship on conditions. Catch-Up Education has privileged partnerships with many universities. These partnerships allow us to offer scholarships to international students under specific conditions.
  • Steps to subscribe to a health insurance. It is very often mandatory or strongly recommended to subscribe to a health plan with a local organization to cover your care on site. Catch-up Education has partnerships with insurance companies and benefits from special rates for the year.
  • Assistance with the administrative formalities. for visa application thanks to our immigration agents. We work with specialists who will facilitate all the steps to obtain your visa.
  • Additional services depending on the country of destination. Catch-Up Education offers “extra” services such as finding accommodation (several types of accommodation are possible depending on the country), help in finding a student job, opening a bank account, purchasing a sim card, a travel card… All these services are grouped in packages, which can be consulted here.

What are the advantages of choosing Catch-Up Education to study abroad?

– A quality international agency

– Free and informed advice

– A tailor-made and adapted project among the multitude of offers available

– All your procedures are centralized

– A single point of entry and contact with the various people involved in your project (school, visa, insurance, accommodation, etc.).

– Saving time and ensuring serenity

Process Catch-up Education

What next?

Do you want to stay and extend your stay? Not a problem. We will work with you along with our immigration agents to explore all the possibilities for you to stay in the country of your choice, including obtaining permanent residency.

How can I study abroad with Catch-Up Education?

Our international programs

With its network of partner schools and universities around the world, Catch-Up Education can help you to study abroad in different fields and for different lengths of time..

Higher education to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in one of the best international universities. After your high school diploma, or after a BTS or a DUT, we help you to register and obtain an internationally recognized diploma. You have already completed your higher education and wish to give a new impetus to your professional career? Good news, this choice is just as possible!

Find out more about higher education

Short and professionalizing training courses are practical and flexible alternatives. They are accessible to all adults, including people who do not hold a high school diploma. They allow you to train for a profession, to change your professional career, thanks to its format. Generally lasting one year, it is however possible to continue beyond a year and pursue a university education.

Find out more about short training courses

Studies and travel

Language courses in immersion are the best way to learn a language and/or improve it. Taking classes regularly while living in a country that speaks the language will increase your chances of acquiring the desired level and becoming bilingual. English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, French, all these languages are available through our schools and the different programs (intensive, semi-intensive) offered. The learning of a language involves regular practice and constant exchange with peers. Total immersion is therefore the key!

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Junior programs are aimed at teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old and are particularly well supervised. They include both immersion language courses and summer camps to allow young people to benefit from a human experience, leisure activities and culture.

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Who is it for? Who are we addressing?

Travelling forms youth

…but not only…

At Catch-Up Education we consider that there is no age limit to learn a language or study and seize an opportunity. We address ourselves to all those who want to have a unique experience and take on the challenge of getting out of their comfort zone and surpassing themselves.

Thus, at Catch-Up Education we meet and wish to appeal to different profiles. We adapt ourselves to all profiles and are happy to help each person find his or her tailor-made program.

Catch-Up Education is for:

  • Adolescents, young people and adults who wish to learn or strengthen a foreign language in total immersion in a country where the language is spoken.
  • Young people and adults wishing to undertake, pursue or resume studies abroad in one of our destination countries, higher education or short training courses (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Professional training)
  • Adolescents, youth and adults with a passion for travelling
  • All citizens of the world wishing to live a unique experience
  • All those who decide to make a choice for themselves

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