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Have you always dreamed of living in Australia? Catch-Up Education can help you make that dream come true!

Great sights and incredible experiences await you on this continent where nature is breathtaking and the opportunities for education are endless!

Australia is: An area of 7.692 million km2 / 24.99 million inhabitants (2018) / and more than 50 million Kangaroos!


Going to study in Australia? The choice of destination

Whether you want to live in the city, or study by the sea, Australia is full of opportunities, each one more interesting than the other. The choice of your destination city is important, Catch-Up Education can help you make it easier thanks to its many partnerships with schools and universities across the country.

Find out more about the different Australian cities on the pages dedicated:

Considered the largest island in the world, Australia is located in the Pacific Ocean and is known for its exceptional quality of life and splendid landscapes, but also for the quality of its education system!

Whether you have just graduated from high school, or you want to go back to school, the possibilities are numerous and Catch-Up Education will accompany you in every step of the way to realise your project.

Australia offers a wide range of study options such as:

  • – Professional short courses
  • – Language courses in language schools
  • – Bachelor’s degrees
  • – Masters
  • – PhDs
  • – Bachelor’s degrees in one year after a vocational training certificate or a technical training diploma.
  • – Gap years (one year or one semester)

How to know which path to take and which institutions to choose?

Because the possibilities are endless, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice! Which is why Catch-Up Education is here to guide you throughout this journey that may seem complicated at first glance.

Don’t hesitate to consult our services and programs for more information!

Benefiting from international recognition, Australian universities and language schools provide excellent quality education throughout Australia. Catch-Up Education can help you choose the institution that will meet all your expectations!

During your first meeting with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to best answer your wishes and to help you build a project that fits you 100%.

Australian landscape

The Australian visa

If you wish to enter the country of Kangaroos, you will have to obtain a visa. This visa will vary depending on your plans, and will be different based on what you decide to do in Australia.

Studies, gap year, work or vacations, each project has its own visa!

Obtaining a visa is often associated with an obstacle course! The language barrier and the complexity of the administrative procedures can be real obstacles to a departure to Australia.

Is there a risk if I apply for a visa myself?

It is worth knowing that if you look for information about visas yourself (by asking friends, family, on websites or other unreliable sources), you may put yourself in a very delicate situation regarding your visa. This could jeopardise your project because you will not be provided with accurate information on the immigration laws in effect at the time of your visa application.

Due to the large volume of visa applications received by the Ministry of Immigration, the agents in charge have strict requirements. If you apply for a visa based on inaccurate or incomplete information, your application may be refused, resulting in additional fees (to apply for an appeal), a long delay or worse, a 3 year ban on applying for an Australian visa….

For all these reasons, we can only advise you to have our immigration agent support you in this process and thus simplify your steps and give you every chance to succeed in your project!

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