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Planning to study abroad? The choice of destination

You want to become an international student and a citizen of the world, congrats!
Deciding where to go is one of the most difficult decisions in the development of your project.
There are many reasons to study abroad: to obtain an internationally renowned Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, to learn or improve a language, to reinvent yourself professionally or to boost your resume in the eyes of recruiters. All reasons are good to decide to undertake such an adventure!
Whatever your reason for studying abroad is, it will be a serious asset for your future.

Studying abroad means of course, live in the country you decided to study in. This is why the selection of the destination is important, no matter what is the duration of your stay.

According to UNESCO, the number of international students who go abroad to study is constantly increasing. As for destinations, they are diversifying on all continents. The choice is therefore extremely vast. Each destination has its specificity, each country has its culture and values. Going to study in Japan will undoubtedly be different from coming to study in Australia…

Therefore, when it comes to deciding where to study abroad, there are several criteria that will come into account. These criteria will allow you to refine your selection to arrive at your final choice. You should not focus solely on one city. You have to think about the feasibility of your project.

What are the criteria to consider when going to study abroad?

  • – Availability of choice of studies
  • – Quality of teaching
  • – Distance from your hometown
  • – Financial investment (cost of schooling and living on site)
  • – Career opportunities and/or the ability to immigrate
  • – Living environment
  • – Climate
  • – Culture, history and heritage
  • – Student life, student job accessibility
  • – Feedback / student testimonials

Other criteria may come into consideration when building your project. Their appreciation and importance will vary according to your personal and professional objectives. However, your study project must remain the decisive factor.

We can inform you about all these criteria in relation to your project.

Contact Catch-Up Education to refine your selection among all of our destinations to study abroad. We will provide you with suggestions adapted to your profile!

Where studying? Our destinations

Reliable and experimented, Catch-Up Education has a large network of establishments of education in the world. Its various partnerships with language schools, universities, and vocational training schools will allow you to choose your destination to study abroad wether you would like to pursue a Bachelor, Master, language courses or short and flexible training courses.
Become part of this large and fascinating community of international students and have an unforgettable experience. Find your ideal destination among those we offer.

They chose Catch-Up Education and have no regrets!

International education: the experience for adventurous minds.

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