All about the international internship!

Obtaining a first professional experience while learning a foreign language and living a unique experience? It’s possible thanks to the internship abroad!

Whether you want to get away for a few months or even for a year, the internship is an interesting choice for those who want to boost their resume while progressing in learning a foreign language.

Many students choose to do an internship abroad. And for good reason, it is a choice that has many advantages.

The advantages of an internship abroad

Steps of internship

  1. A significant asset for your resume.
    Your future employers will be impressed by your professional experience abroad. Indeed, it is proof of maturity, autonomy, knowledge of a different market but also mastery of a foreign language other than your native tongue. An internship abroad is therefore a significant asset on your resume that will allow you to stand out from other candidates.
  2. A phenomenal progression of your language level.
    There is nothing like a company immersion to get your language level off the ground. Many people decide to take a few weeks of English classes before their internship. This is a good way to acquire the basics that will be consolidated throughout your internship. At the end of your internship, not only will you have mastered a foreign language, but you will also have acquired a rich vocabulary adapted to your professional field.
  3. An international network.
    An internship in a company will be an opportunity for you to meet many professionals in your field and thus build a solid and indispensable network in many professional fields.
  4. An open door to the world.
    An internship abroad is a good way to discover a new country and therefore a new culture. If you decide to do an internship abroad, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your free time and meet new people, discover new places and therefore make this first professional experience an unforgettable memory.

Work and leaern

Each country is different, and the steps to obtain an internship abroad are sometimes many and rather time-consuming.

On your first appointment with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to answer your needs and build with you a project that fits you 100%.

Responsible of internship
Work and learn

We can help you realise your internship project in Australie, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

And because your project is our priority, we will provide you with 9 months of free online English courses as soon as you enrol in one of our partner schools for any course of study (university, language courses, short courses…).

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