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All about being an au pair!

You wish to live abroad in complete immersion? Then the job of au pair is the perfect job for you! The idea is pretty straightforward: in exchange for a few hours of work in their home, you will be fed and housed by a family!

On average, an au pair works about 15 hours a week for the host family, less if she or he decides to become a half-pair. This work can be varied and will depend on the family’s needs and your profile. For example, you may be required to take care of meals, the children (bathing them, helping them with their homework, dressing them, etc.) or carry out certain household chores.

The advantages of being an au pair

Speak languages

  1. A phenomenal progression of your language level.
    Being an au pair is a perfect solution if you want to be fully immersed in the country of your choice. Because you will have the opportunity to speak the language of your adopted country on a daily basis with your host family, your language level will improve tremendously. Living with a family is also the guarantee of discovering a new culture and sharing with them the traditional celebrations of the country where they live. A complete change of scenery!
  2. An enriching experience.
    Many au pairs make friends with the family they live with. Spending a few months or even a year with a family will allow you to share unforgettable moments with them and build a strong bond that you can maintain for many years after your stay.
  3. An economical solution.
    Becoming an au pair will also allow you to save on the cost of accommodation and meals, which can be financially interesting, especially in certain large cities where the cost of living is high.

Au pair with kids

If you wish to devote part of your time to learning a language, nothing keeps you from becoming a “half-pair” and thus having more free time to go to language school. A “half-pair” benefits from the advantages of being an au pair while having more flexibility to take classes so that you can leave this experience with unforgettable memories and a solid basis in the language of your choice.

TAre you convinced that becoming a “demi-pair” or au pair is the best choice for you?

Catch-Up Education has many partnerships with families in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States .

Destinations for being Au pair
Work with children

On your first appointment with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to answer your needs and build with you a project that fits you 100%.

And because your project is our priority, we will provide you with 9 months of free online English courses as soon as you enrol in one of our partner schools for any course of study (university, language courses, short courses…).

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