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How to choose your agent when studying abroad?

These days, more and more young people and professionals are choosing to study or train abroad. Indeed, university studies, language courses or short professional training abroad have become very popular in a world that is continuously evolving. This experience is a major asset in a career and personal life path for those who try it.

If it is indeed feasible to embark on such a project alone, it is always preferable to meet with a specialist. The available offer of studies abroad and all the steps to be taken before departure represent the first obstacles, if not the biggest hurdles. Moreover, obtaining informed guidance from professionals remains the best way to undertake your journey abroad in complete confidence and in safety. Educational agencies are designed for this purpose, and it is important to know who you should contact to ensure the success of your project.

What is an educational counselling agent?

An education counselling agent provides information on the options available for studying and living in a chosen country. They help target study preferences and choose the right course of study. They also facilitate visa applications through their immigration officers.
The agents are trained on the education systems of the countries they are working with. They have a real knowledge of the courses, programs and diplomas available at the institutions, schools or universities with which they have signed agreements. In addition, they keep themselves informed of any changes related to immigration policy. This means that they provide accurate information adapted to your needs and, above all, not outdated information.

How does an agent work?

Each educational institution that uses the services of an educational agent must have a formal contract with the agent and monitor his or her integrity.
Educational institutions must also list all the educational agents who represent them in different countries on their website.
It is therefore possible to consult the list of agents of an institution to which you wish to apply to find an agent who is contracted to represent them.

How do I choose my agent?

  • Talk to more than one agent: educational institutions generally have more than one appointed education agent per country. So talk to several agents and compare the information given.
  • Select an experienced agent: choose an education agent who has experience and knowledge of international education systems. This agent must also be attentive to your project and fit your profile.
  • Check the agent’s identification information: make sure that the agent is authorized to represent the institution you are interested in. To do this, you can ask to see the letter of nomination from the institutions.
  • Find out about the costs of an agent: ask about the fees you will have to pay to use his or her services.

If you have any problems with the education agent, it is possible to report the problems encountered and take steps to resolve it.


The education agent and immigration counselling

Education agents have no authority to provide immigration advice. They also cannot guarantee that you will receive a student visa or permanent residence upon graduation.

However, if they are also registered as a migration agent then they can provide this service.

In summary, the work of education agents is only to help with study and destination choices. To a larger extent, they help in the preparation of your entire stay through other services offered.

However, all visa procedures will be done through an immigration specialist.

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