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It is no longer necessary to prove that learning a second language is an indispensable tool in the business world. For this reason, Catch-Up Education is dedicated to professionals and companies in order to meet all their needs!

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Individual offers

Individual offers

You are an entrepreneur or an employee and you have identified a specific point you wish to be trained on? You need to improve your level in a foreign language to work internationally? You want to discover the mechanisms of your industry in a foreign market? So many reasons to contact Catch-Up Education!

By choosing Catch-Up Education, you are guaranteed to have a customised program that meets all your expectations. You will be able to choose between an international experience or online courses.

Our offers for professionals will also be suitable for anyone who wants to change careers without having to go back to school for a long time.

Whether it’s an intensive course in a specific language or a short professional training, your career will definitely benefit from this experience.

If you feel the need to meet professionals in your industry abroad, Catch-Up Education will be able to organise meetings, facilitate your participation in trade shows or professional workshops that will give a new impetus to your career.

Do not hesitate to contact us and consult our services and programs to find out more and get a personalised quote for an online or offline adventure in Australia, New Zealand, au Canada, au Japon ou encore aux États-Unis !

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Group offers

Catch-Up Education also offer tailor-made programs for groups, the perfect solution for an employer wishing to train several of his employees at the same time, thus making this training moment a real team building opportunity.

No matter your line of work, it is likely that part of your clientele is made up of international clients, that some of your suppliers are located abroad or that you have the desire to develop your business overseas.

There are many reasons and advantages to provide training to your employees. For example, a better base in a foreign language will give them the ability to write texts and make presentations, to know how to negotiate with foreign customers or to participate with ease in international meetings.

Because our partner schools will adapt to your requirements, but also to the level of your employees, you can rest assured that they will develop skills not only in business vocabulary, but also in oral and written communication, pronunciation and grammar.

Whether you wish to give your employees the benefit of short professional training courses or to offer them online courses, everything is possible!

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Professional meeting

Do not hesitate to contact us and consult our services and programs to find out more and get a personalised quote!

On your first appointment with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to best answer your wishes and build with you a project that suits you 100%.

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If you want to know more about Catch-up Education and talk about your project.

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