Studying abroad

Why choose an international venture?

To invest in travel is to invest in oneself.
Matthew Karsten

You’ve just finished high school and want to study abroad? You only want to travel for a few months? You need to learn a new language? You want to take a gap year? Whatever your profile, the possibilities of studying abroad are endless!

Here are a few good reasons to study abroad:

  • Learn to speak a language other than your mother tongue!
    Today, it is very important to master a second language. Whether in your professional career or in your personal life, speaking more than one language will unlock many doors for you in an increasingly connected world!
  • Meet a new culture!
    Going abroad for a few months or a few years is a guarantee that you will discover a new culture, make friends with people you would never have met otherwise, and return home with many memories and adventures to share.
  • Expand your career opportunities!
    Nowadays, employers tend to look for profiles capable of adapting to any situation and with international experience.

What opportunities?

  1. Language courses
    Learning a language is a great way to discover new horizons. Whatever the language of your choice, our agents can recommend one of our partner language schools in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Japan or Europe.
  2. University
    Going to university is a choice that will help you become more independent, give you time to find your way and provide you with a degree that will open many doors in the professional market.
  3. The professional path
    Whether you are looking for a professional reconversion or you want to be rapidly educated and leave school with a job in hand, the vocational stream has many advantages!

  4. Studens in circle

  5. Become a young au pair
    Becoming an au pair means benefiting from a complete immersion in the country of your choice! In exchange for a few hours of work, you will be fed and accommodated by a family with whom you will bond for life. You can also decide to become a “half-pair”, so that you can take language courses at the same time.
  6. Do an internship
    Doing an internship abroad, is getting a first professional experience while learning a foreign language and living a unique experience! This significant asset on your resume will allow you to develop an international network while living a genuine adventure abroad.
  7. The WHV
    The Working Holiday Visa is an incredible opportunity for young people aged 18 to 35 years old wishing to live a one-year experience (renewable once) abroad. It has been implemented in many countries including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Depending on your destination country, it will also allow you to undertake language courses for several weeks!
  8. The online courses
    Online training is THE solution for those who wish to train but are unable to travel, or who wish to save money. If you work full-time, have children or are already in a training course, studying online will allow you to acquire knowledge at your own pace. There is a wide variety of online courses available and we are sure to find one that is right for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and consult our services and programs to learn more about all these possibilities!

On your first appointment with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to answer your needs and build with you a project that fits you 100%.

And because your project is our priority, we will provide you with 9 months of free online English courses as soon as you enrol in one of our partner schools for any course of study (university, language courses, short courses…).

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