General conditions of sale

Conditions générales de vente

The general conditions of sale established by Brock Education Australia (hereinafter referred to as “Catch-up Education”) and indicated below are intended to describe the procedures and protections vis-à-vis the Client following any registration and / or purchase of training in Australia. These conditions apply upon receipt of a validated registration form.

Definition of our Services

Catch-up Education offers advice, guidance and support services for all inquiries regarding studies, language stays and Working Holiday programs in Australia. Advice and Guidance: analyze the client’s request and offer training tailored to the client’s needs, profile and budget, and offered by our Australian partners Support: coordination and follow-up of registration formalities, constitution of the file (s), payment, visa, travel and installation in Australia between the client and the Australian partners of Catch-up Education.

For more information on our main Australian partners, please visit our website. CATCH-UP EDUCATION cannot be held legally responsible for last minute changes and force majeure caused by our Australian partners or on the part of the Australian government. Registration and Confirmation: By registering, the client accepts the terms and conditions of contract of Catch-up Education and its Australian partners. Registration can be sent and confirmed in writing / by fax / email (registration form), by phone / orally or through our website. Conditions vary depending on the program selected:

  1. Administrative fees
    For each application CATCH-UP EDUCATION will charge an administration fee of AUD$300 + 10% GST. This fee must be paid after receipt of the invoice and before the start of the enrolment process to CATCH_UP EDUCATION’s account in Australia and is charged per student. No administrative fee will be refunded in the event of cancellation of the client’s project or discontinuation of the course.
  2. Specific application feeIn the case of a specific application or request for enrolment in a school or institution that is not on our current list of partners, the application fee will be AUD 550 + GST, i.e. AUD $605 per enrolment.It is important to note that the application fee for a specific application is additional to the administrative application fee and does not include the cost of translating documents required for enrolment in a school or institution.
  3. Registration and payment for our Products in Australia
    The prices of our packs being fixed *, the customer, after having completed the relevant form online on this site or by email and accepting the terms and conditions, will shortly receive from a advisor Catch-up Education confirmation that their registration has been registered and an invoice to be paid in Australian dollars (AUD) to the account of the head office in Australia. In certain emergency cases, customers have the option of paying for their pack by Paypal. A registration for our Packs cannot be processed and finalized without confirmation of arrival details: flight number, day and local time of departure. arrival in Australia.Upon receipt of payment, our advisers in Australia organize reservations and confirmations with our partners. As soon as our advisers in Australia have gathered all the elements of the Pack, the customer receives confirmations for the services purchased (transfer, accommodation, lessons and Pack if applicable …) as well as a Pre-Departure Australia document before their departure.*The prices of our packs: these prices are clearly indicated on notre site internet pour chaque Pack. Si le client souhaite personnaliser son Pack, nos conseillers renvoient un devis spécifique que le client accepte par écrit / email en signant le formulaire d’inscription. Ensuite une facture est envoyée au client avec le montant négocié.
  4. Registration for and payment of training in Australia (valid for other destination countries with their own immigration specificities)
    After having completed and signed directly the form (s) of the selected Australian partner (s), the client automatically recognizes the terms and sales conditions specific to our partners (always indicated on the registration form); The client can request a translation if necessary. We will send the customer a confirmation and an invoice and the customer will pay directly to the account of CATCH-UP EDUCATION.

Admission conditions All the conditions imposed by the stay in Australia (obtaining the visa, valid insurance, customs formalities, etc.) are the responsibility of the client. CATCH-UP EDUCATION provides information given by embassies and helps with visa procedures.
Take into account that the conditions often vary according to the nationality and the country of residence of the client.

If the client’s visa is refused for reasons beyond the control of Catch-up Education, the cancellation conditions regarding the program will apply.

Cancellation conditions

A file is considered canceled upon receipt of the written cancellation notice (email, fax, registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, or delivered by hand). The 30% cancellation fee will be applied 30% of the total cost of the pack will be retained if cancellation between 15 and 31 days prior to departure and 75% between 8 and 14 days prior to departure and no refund if cancellation between 0 and 7 days prior to departure as well as no refund if cancellation from the day of arrival in Australia. If the client has indicated an incorrect arrival date, our accommodation partner will charge an additional night which the client will pay directly on arrival. Catch-up education services are free for the student because they are paid by the institutions.
In case of cancellation of courses by the student only after the start date, he (the student) will be responsible for the payment of commissions up to 30% cornered over the overall period of the study plan in order to cover consulting, registration, administration and administration costs. An invoice will be issued to him for payment upon receipt of the cancellation.

For any training in Australia

Cancellation conditions are established and imposed by our partners and therefore vary depending on the provider. They are clearly indicated on the registration form and are automatically accepted upon signing the registration form.


Each customer has the option of requesting a refund if circumstances permit. Depending on the service used (Packs or Training), the customer must make a request for reimbursement in writing, attaching any justification directly to his CATCH-UP EDUCATION advisor. The refund process can take up to a month for the customer to receive the amount in their account upon receipt of the refund request. Additional charges, whether or not deducted from the refundable amount, will apply for any refund to a bank account outside of Australia. As a general rule, no refund is possible once the customer has started his training or has already consumed his pack.


Any complaint must be addressed directly in writing to our Australian partner and a copy to CATCH-UP EDUCATION, before the end of the training or stay. If the process has no effect, the customer can contact their CATCH-UP EDUCATION advisor for any support. CATCH-UP EDUCATION and its Australian partners may cancel a program or training at the last moment. In this case the customer can either make a request for reimbursement (being aware that financial compensation may apply for services partially provided) or request a transfer to a similar program or training.

Price changes

CATCH-UP EDUCATION and its partners reserve the right to change prices in the event of unforeseeable changes such as currency fluctuations, increase in locomotion prices, introduction or increase of state taxes. All invoices already issued by CATCH-UP EDUCATION will be honored. On the other hand, CATCH-UP EDUCATION does not guarantee any invoices issued by Australian partners.

Health Insurance

Health insurance can be taken out for all our stays with our partner BUPA. Each contract is specific to a particular program (studies in general, Language Stays, Working Holiday, Au Pair …) By opting for BUPA ASSURANCE, the client automatically accepts their insurance conditions and guarantees clearly indicated on their site.

Public Holidays

Classes do not take place on public holidays and missed hours will not be reimbursed by our Australian partners.

Promotional material

CATCH-UP EDUCATION reserves the right to keep and / or use for promotional purposes the images and photographs taken before, during and after the stay of its customers with their agreement. CATCH-UP EDUCATION is committed to confidentiality and discretion, in order to protect the rights and property of its clients.

Legal Contact

Brock Education Australia Pty Ltd / CATCH-UP EDUCATION
126 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne 4171 QLD Brisbane Australia

Tel: 0449262770

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