Japan, a complete change of scenery!

Have you always dreamed of living in Japan? Catch-Up Education can help you make that dream come true!

Extraordinary culture, exceptional gastronomy, breathtaking landscapes… There are many reasons to choose Japan as your next destination.

Japan is: An area of 377,915 km2 / 126.5 million inhabitants (2018)

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, Japan is the third largest economy in the world and enjoys a very high standard of living! The country is renowned for its cleanliness, hospitality and beauty.

Whether you have just graduated from high school, or you want to go back to school, there are plenty of possibilities and Catch-Up Education will help you in all the steps you need to take to make your project a reality.

Find out more about the different Japanese cities by visiting the pages dedicated!

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Que tu viennes de sortir du lycée, ou que tu aies envie de reprendre les études, les possibilités sont nombreuses et Catch-Up Education t’accompagne dans toutes tes démarches pour réaliser ton projet.

Japan offers a wide range of study options based on Japanese language learning:

  • – Premium Training
  • – Standard Training
  • – Basic Training

How to know which course and which institutions to choose?

Because the possibilities are endless, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice! That is why Catch-Up Education is here to guide you through this journey which may seem complicated at first.

Don’t hesitate to consult our services and programmes to find out more!

Internationally recognised, Japanese language schools offer quality teaching, particularly in the three cities of Tokyo, Kyoto et Nagano. Catch-Up Education can help you choose the city and the study plan that will meet all your expectations!

On your first meeting with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to answer your wishes as best as possible and to build with you a project which corresponds to you 100%.

Find out more about our services and programmes in Japan!

Study and discover the modern and multicultural city of Tokyo, be surrounded by nature in Nagano or live in Kyoto, one of the most famous tourist cities in the world, everything is possible with Catch-Up Education!

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