Nagano, the city of winter sports!

Located at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, the city of Nagano is in the heart of the Japanese Alps and is the Japanese capital of winter sports!

Skiing at Shiga Kogen, eating shishu soba, visiting the Togakushi-jinja shrine or the Zenkoji temple where you can even sleep for a night, these are all activities you will have the opportunity to discover if you decide to go to Nagano!

If you are a winter sports lover, then you will be delighted by this city which hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics! Many excursions are possible from Nagano, and among them the resort of Matsumoto, only 50 km away, where you can ski while discovering the Raven’s castle, a perfectly preserved five-level dungeon!

On weekends, do not hesitate to visit the Jogokudani park, a place very popular with tourists and monkeys who bathe in onsen, thermal springs well known to the Japanese.

Lastly, on the first Saturday of August, don’t miss the Binzuru Dance Festival, the biggest festival of the year which brings together thousands of dancers in the streets of the city!

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Nagano is: 834.85 km2 in area / 372,304 inhabitants

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Dynamic and enjoyable, Nagano is the city for you!

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