Learning a foreign language

Why should one learn a new language?

A Czech proverb says:

For every language we speak, we live a new life. He who knows only one language lives only once!

At Catch-Up Education, we believe it is important to speak more than one language. Indeed, in an increasingly connected world, restricting oneself to one language means cutting oneself off from part of the planet. Learning one or more foreign languages is a great way to discover new horizons!

Some good reasons to learn a new language:

  • Learning to speak a language other than your mother tongue will open many doors in the professional world!
    Nowadays, few companies hire someone who does not master at least two languages. By deciding to learn a foreign language, you are giving yourself every chance to get the job of your dreams!
  • Mastering a second language will make your travels easier!
    Being able to communicate with the people you meet is the assurance of discovering a new culture and new worlds! When traveling, you will feel safer if you speak the language of the country you decide to discover, and you will be able to navigate around the city more easily.
  • Keep your brain sharp!
    While children are better at learning a second language, teenagers and adults can do it very well with a little perseverance. Learning a language is an intellectual exercise that will develop your patience and your memory!
  • Give yourself the chance to one day live abroad!
    Learning a foreign language is your gateway to a new life: making friends easily, being able to work in a different dialect from yours, being able to understand restaurant menus… All this will be all the more possible if you master one (or better, several) foreign languages!

How to learn a new language?

Make your brain grow up

There are many ways to learn a new foreign language!

Many agree that full immersion is THE best way to master one or more new languages. To do so, we can only advise you to take the plunge and live an unforgettable adventure abroad.

To learn a new language properly, it is important to start from your current level in order to move progressively towards a goal that has been determined beforehand. It is necessary that your progression be based on a course and a method adapted to your level, which is the case in language schools for example.

In addition to your immersion abroad and courses adapted to your profile, we can only encourage you to use mobile apps, watch films in their original version or read foreign books and newspapers. These methods will be excellent complements to a language course, for example, and will help you solidify the basics you will have acquired in class.

Going to university, becoming an au pair, taking a gap year, taking classes in language schools… The options are endless and Catch-Up Education is there to help you make your choice!

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On your first appointment with Catch-Up Education, our agents will ask you many questions in order to answer your needs and build with you a project that fits you 100%.

And because your project is our priority, we will provide you with 9 months of free online English courses as soon as you enrol in one of our partner schools for any course of study (university, language courses, short courses…).

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